One week route, suitable for beginners. Bays and harbors visited are popular with the yachting community. According to weather conditions, we drop anchor in:

We invite you to join our popular Hisaronu Gulf sailing tour and explore the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea ; swim on pristine white beaches, stroll through unspoilt villages, explore perfectly preserved historic ruins...what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the relaxing Aegean culture, witness the countless hues of blue and green, as the sea, sky and land merge into a breathtakingly beautiful visualization of the surrounding natural environment. Let all your worries be washed away by the gentle swell and all your frustrations whisked away by the lazy breeze. Start every day with absolute peace, as you awaken to the hypnotic lapping of waves upon the hull and dive into the crystal clear sea. A popular route, visiting not one but actually two gulfs, particularly suitable for beginners. Sailing in the gulf means you will have continous winds and almost no waves: an ideal training ground! Dozens of attractive bays line the shores of both gulfs, meaning you can go out, sail and then visit a new anchorage every evening. Relax aboard our IYT-certified training yachts, all the while learning the art of sailing and forging an unforgettable vacation experrience. Once you successfully complete the training course, you will be awarded with an IYT certificate that will allow you to charter a yacht anywhere in the world. You can view the various IYT certificates we offer on our IYT License page.




The bay also known as “Gerbekse" by locals, is one of the shelters for blue voyage sailboats. Cape extending into the sea and a small island at the entrance protects the bay from the wind and waves. The coast of Gerbekse has couple of restaurants and few wharfs. There are ancient ruins and churches up the hill from the castle. Affected by the beauty of the temple, some new married foreign tourists ask the boat captains to marry them by crew becoming witness. As you climb into the hills of pine and olive trees, the beauty of Gerbekse become more apparent. The further sharp and steep slopes of the Gerbekse bay are still untouched. Gerbekse have season until 15 of November and is close to Meltem winds. Coasts have small gravels, and Bottom of the bay have a good anchor holding property with depth of 5-7 meters. Interesting rock structure of the small island is admirable as much as the subtle beauty of Gerbekse bay.


surrounded by large and small numerous bays, headlands and islands, Bozburun, hides heavens amongst little grassy hills. This land of the fjord is famous for its bays which laps to the Mediterranean Sea. After passing the Karaburun which is the southern tip of the peninsula, Bozukkale is the first bay between the remaining of Degirmenburnu and Kaleburun. The right to land is a wide gulf between the two capes which is surrounded by olive groves and scrub. The surrounding port is called bozukbuku (distorted bay) by the sailors. Bozukkale is one of the preferred sheltered stations against the winds by the cruise boats. Water is very clear in this beautiful bay and it has three restaurants that serve food. The Defensive walls surrounding the hills can be seen by boats, before entering to the bay. The castle walls are still standing supported by bastions. The ruin of Loryma is among surviving ancient cities. Behind the restaurants, another ruins of a castle rises on a hilltop on north of the bay behind restaurants. The city has never lost importance since ancient times because it is well protected with a strategic location. According to historians, the bay hosted navy of Athens in BC i1412. In BC 395, Bay was the rallying point for ships before the naval battle of Cnidus. Some maps called it Oplosike Buku a derived from the Greek word “Hoploteke” which means shipyard. Once the ships were being made and repaired. There are Serçe (Sparrow) and Korsan (Pirate) bays immediately next to, Bozukkale. Serce Bay looks like a deep canyon inserted into the land. It is famous for crystal blue sea and the shipwrecks of the Fatimid dynasty carrying glass to the famous the 11 century Byzantine workshops to be processed. Underwater excavations unearthed the historical value of them. Today they exhibited in the Bodrum Museum. Around 10 BC, Loryma was the center of Rhodes kingdom. There is no adequate information about the historic city. There are nine towers of the castle extending from the rectangular form of walls. The castle, tower and bastions are very well preserved and solid. The name Bozuk (which means disordered) might be given to this castle because one side is missing. The castle against the coast makes us think that it is the defense unit of Rhodes. Because Bozukkale Bay was called Oplosika Buku in some old British naval maps, it is understood that there was a shipyard in the past. Most of the yachts sailing on Aegean Sea use Bozukkale as a stop watching all the yachts in the Aegean. Athens used this harbor because of its geographical situation and shortness of Entrance to the port for Peloponnesian Wars. In 395 BC Athenian commander, Karori used this harbor for his ships before the Cnidus War. Inn 305 BC Antigonos's son Demetrios has chosen this harbor to gather and prepare his ships in this harbor also before attacking Rhodes.


Dirsek buku is a deep inlet type bay on a cape between the Gulf of Hisaronu and Gulf of Yesilova. It is a common stop or the boats on blue voyage between Marmaris and Bodrum if they will not pass Symi Island. Because of its shape it is a sheltered bay from all kinds of weather. In addition, if you start sailing from Hisaronu or Selimiye in the morning and sail around different islands by tacking, you can reach this beautiful bay and rest for a while. Then you can sail back to Hisaronu – Selimiye with wind turning to beam reach to broad reach .



Selimiye is also one of the natural ports which have been quietly serving the yacht tourism. Dominated by Selimiye, a large bay is like a lake view. Natural harbors in this region are fish spawning areas. Spring water flows from fountains and taps of the houses. In the Selimiye Stock Breeding, olive, almonds, farming, fishing and building wooden boats are common. Selimiye Village is one of the pearls of the Gulf of Hisaronu which is connected to the town of Mugla Marmaris. The name of the village in ancient era was Hydas, and later changed to Losta. Kızılköy (Red village) is another known name, since surroundings to the village have dyed red tones when sun disappeared at sunset behind the mountains. Hydas (Selimiye) is one of ancient cities such as Loryma, Kaisareia, Kastabos, Erin, Bybossos in Bozburun peninsula. It has ruins from archaic era. Selimiye have three castles ruins, one is on the highest hill of Selimiye, the other is at the top of Sarikaya, and the last one is at Asarkale Kızılköy districts. Remains of walls in the hills of southeast dating from the Hellenistic era are a popular place especially foreign tourist’s visit. A square-shaped tomb building near the southern part, observation tower built 100 meters off the shore in order to expose Selimiye to approaching boats and a lighthouse, monasteries and theater are other places for tourist trips. Among other things in the region which have survived to the present day are the works of American underwater archaeologist scientists engaged in research of the wrecks for three years. Materials and amphoras are exhibited in Bodrum underwater shipwreck museum. Selimiye is a great location for those who want to eat freshest seafood, vegetables, and fruit, to swim in clean sea, to find inner peace. There are almond and olive trees, mountains rising smell of thyme, oregano in Selimiye. Warm and friendly locals draw people. Historic areas, mountains of pine, olive, almond and willow trees. Clean sea, plenty of steak, air oxygen-rich, peaceful, calm, warm and welcoming. The bay is natural harbor in stormy weather, natural swimming pool in the form of volcanic structure. The sea depth of 15 meters from the beach reaches to 30 to 40 meters .Zoning permit in the village of Selimiye is nature conservation area, so that You can still walk along the whole beach, you can catch fish with your tackle from the seaside, You can row a surf board along the large bay in the west coast. If you are looking for a sparkling sandy beach you can go to an Sığliman (shallow harbor) two miles away.


The movement of sand dunes from the land which divides the bay with a shallow stripe of the 600 meter. This area is called Kızkumu (Girls sand). The formation of this road, which doubles as a natural breakwater have so many myths: The daughter of a king of ancient times falls in love with just a fisherman. However, because of the current world state at that time, fisher man and the king's daughter could not marry. Moreover, that’s the decision of the father which is the King! Not surprisingly, they meet in secret often. King learns this situation over time, and has his men follow his daughter at night. They say that fisherman is comes from the sea to her daughter waiting on the beach. She has a light pointing out her place. And young man comes to light where your daughter is. Then they do love games to each other until day’s dawns. When the king heard them he gets angry. The king kills anybody against his orders even his daughter. He catches his daughter one night, and he orders his soldiers to send the signal to fisherman with the light on the beach. When the kid saw the light, he jumps to his dingy and runs into a squad of soldiers ... Girl escapes from soldiers and starts running in order to save her love. That is at the other end of the bay and impossible. But Love does not listen rules and she throws herself into waters. A miracle happens at that second. Every place she takes step transforms to beach and as soldiers in pursuit steps into that beach, they are buried into the sea because of all the weight they carry. Girls could run up to the boat, but at that moment an archer target the arrow to the young man and shoots. Alas! They already embraced each other. The arrow comes and has met the girl. They say that when girls red blood has mixed it into the sea, it stains the sand. The kid takes the girls and goes. Nobody see them ever after... There is an island in the middle of the bay and there are remains of a castle on top of the island. The castle is believed to belong to ancient city of Baybassos. You can go to that island with a boat and follow the path up to the ruins of the castle. Scenery is great and worth’s your effort. People of Baybassos brought water to the castle from a waterfall arches in the village of Turgut by laying of arches and underwater pipes. The pipe system used combines vessel rule. Baybassos is Carian city and it is on one of the peaks of the mountain backdrop around Orhaniye. You can drive up near to the village of Baybassos. You will need the help of villagers to find the rest of the way. Because as is the case with most of the ancient cities, there are no direction signs. The way out is dirt road and hilly. Vehicles are left in the village and climb to the peak takes 45 minutes through the forest. The view covering very large area of landscape including Selimiye below Hisaronu is very impressive. There are also boat tours to Gulf of Hisaronu from Orhaniye. Tour take breaks on Selimiye, Hisaronu and coves like Inbükü and island of Dişlice. Tour takes until the evening. The Robinson Club Maris Hotel on a hill overlooking Hisaronu, Dişlice Island across, small canyons and stone formations attracts attention. At the entrance of Orhaniye bay, near the Bay Marina Hotel where boats stay, there are the ruins of a monastery. Mosaics in the garden of monastery have a value to see.

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Sailing in Aegean

The alluring mixture of waves, wind and inner peace created by sailing is something very special. The feeling of being one with nature, whether alone or with friends, reaches a peak on the sea which nothing can compare to.
There are many places with plenty of sun, fresh winds, and sparkling waters, but what happens after the anchor is dropped in a desolated bay along the Aegean coast is magical. The warmness of locals and the spectacular historical sites...
all this makes sailing around Turkey and the Aegean sea an experience never to be forgotten. The area has an ideal climate, inviting waters and the unique beauty of each bay, the coast line and the many unique treasures you'll find along the way, makes this paradise cruise a journey not to be missed: the Turquoise coast.