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1 weeks sailing training around Gokova Bays w/Long Legs - High

Суббота 23 Сентябрь 2023 - Пятница 29 Сентябрь 2023
1 week sailing :
: Datca - Cairos Marina - Long Legs :
: Tansel Yuzer

We invite you to join our popular Datca penisula sailing tour and explore the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea ; swim on pristine white beaches, stroll through unspoilt villages, explore perfectly preserved historic ruins...what are you waiting for?
A popular route, visiting not one but actually two gulfs, particularly suitable for beginners. Sailing in the gulf means you will have continous winds and almost no waves: an ideal training ground! Dozens of attractive bays line the shores of both gulfs, meaning you can go out, sail and then visit a new anchorage every evening. .   Tour plan ROUTE 13

BUYUK CATİ :   We will have a long downwind leg with green mountain views. Cati is natural harbour, catering to all kinds of vessels, mostly gulets and sailing yachts. Enveloped by a luscious pine forest, the harbor offers a "pool-like" environment, perfect for frolicking in the water or taking a relaxed excursion through the pine-scented trees. On moonlit nights, the looming pines cast ethereal shadows onto the glassy sea, painting a hauntingly captivating sketch of this fascinating fjord.
Balikasiran, Bordubet, 7 Islands: >Now the time has come to enjoy the bays of Gokova! We will do small trips to three bays, stopping for swimming breaks. Balikasiran is the place where the Gulf of Hisaronu and Gokova are closest to each other. This place is accepted as the beginning point of Datca Peninsula. Bordubet: named after the multitude of birds nesting here, you can take a walk and be accompanied by the soft chirping emanating from the trees. There is a river flowing into sea, you can paddle upstream and explore with a dinghy. 7 Islands:  Four islands located near the southern shores of Gokova, they create a small gulf between them and the shore. You can find many calm places to anchor between the bays of the shore and the islands. In the west lies Martili, a bare, rocky island; although there are beautiful beaches on the south and east side of the island. The other islands are Uzun, Zeytinli and Kucuk. They all have steep, rocky shores and no sandy beaches. The islands are mostly barren, but covered with pine trees near the coves. Küfre bay is the most popular in this region. All coves are linked to one another with dirt trails.
Tuzla, Longoz, Kargıbuk, Okluk:  Today we will hop around more bays. First stop is Tuzla bay, a perfect swimming spot, then Longoz (Kargibuk).  Longoz is a sheltered cove, situated between forests. There are usually only a few boats here. Löngöz is back to back with Ballısu bay. Ballisu is a very deep bay with a narrow entrance, once inside, the bay twists into the land. A creek flows into the bay. There used to be a thick pine forest around the bay but ten years ago a fire decimated most of the region...it is slowly growing back now. Final destination is Okluk, commonly known as the pearl of Gokova. The lasrgest cove is actually called Degirmendere. When entering this cove, you will see another inlet called British Harbor. During World War I, British warships used to hide here, bombarding the Germans at night and retreating into this cove at daylight. There is a Presidential Residence located at the south part of the bay. On the north side, you can observe the statue of a mermaid in the water, erected by Sadun Boro. The air is heavy with the scent of pine and trees line all of the shore, a perfect setting for a relaxing evening. 
KARACASOGUT: You can just sit back and relax, soaking in the views and the great weather, enjoying the beach. IThere are beautiful pine clad mountains surrounding Akyaka and Gokova just waiting to be hiked and explored, and they are well of the usual beaten track. You will be rewarded with some magnificent views. The main village beach of hard sand is packed with sunbeds and umbrellas, and gets very busy throughout the Turkish school holidays from late June to August. Pedalos and kayaks are available for hire at the far end. However, a better choice is the picturesque Cinar beach, best reached by a 45-minute walk along the promenade and through the shady eucalyptus forest and campsite bordering the sea. Gokova Bay with its 6 months continuous wind and open space is naturally very suitable for kiteboarding and has become one of the most attractive locations for beginners as well as having made a memorable impression on professional kiteboarders.The fantastic bay located hidden amongst the high mountains gives a riding opportunity to all levels of riders due to its increasing onshore daily summer breeze throughout the day time.
COKERTME: nother short haul to Cokertme. Çökertme is on the northern coast of the Gulf of Gokova and between Kepçe Cape and Karaburun Cape. The bay takes its the name from village in the harbor . Çökertme is quite sheltered against winds from the west to the north and east. Çökertme is one of the most preferred bays in Gokova by yachtsmen. Its coast is very long, the shores of the island are covered with pines and olive trees. The name of Çökertme is not just famous because of local songs, It has also fascinating geographical features . The green pine forest and the vast indented coves of this bays huggs the Yachts approaching. Watch the sunset and coastal fishing and taste the sinarit, tangri freshly cooked in restaurants. Çökertme which is an natural harbor is not the first or last stop is of blue voyage sailor. 

Spaces left for this event: 6
Please choose your training type below. You can also add other options below. For a Bareboat Skipper course, you should have a Flotilla Skipper Licence otherwise you need to take a 2 weeks course.
Please choose your training type below. You can also add other options below. For a Bareboat Skipper course, you should have a Flotilla Skipper Licence otherwise you need to take a 2 weeks course.
If you want to occupy a cabin by yourself, You will need to pay extra %50. If you specifically ask for a master bedroom, You will pay %25. Although all of our cabins are spacious and comfortable, Master cabin is even larger.
In order to get a confirmed reservation, You need to pay a deposit. You can pay by Credit Card or Alternative payment methods like bank transfer, Paypal, etc. After the deposit payment, you will receive a Reservation confirmation email.
If you want to make a reservation for other people/family/group, You can use the ADD GUEST button and fill the information for them. That way you can also pay for the deposit of the group altogether.


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Pablo Neruda

Медленно умирает тот, кто становится рабом привычки,
Выполняя каждый день один и тот же маршрут,
Кто не меняет направление,
Кто не рискует менять цвета одежды,
Кто не разговаривает с незнакомцами.

Умирает медленно тот, кто избегает страсти,
Кто предпочитает чёрным по белому и точки над буквой "i",
Вместо того, чтобы быть вместе с эмоциями,
Именно теми, которые делают глаза лучистыми,
А зевок могут заменить на улыбку.
Именно теми, которые могут заставить сердце стучать
И от ошибки, и от чувств.

Медленно умирает тот, кто не переворачивает столы,
Кто несчастлив в работе,
Кто не рискует с уверенностью и не предпочтёт её
Неуверенности следовать своей мечте.
Кто не позволит хотя бы один раз в своей жизни
Убежать от рассудительных советов.

Умирает медленно тот, кто не путешествует,
Не читает, не слушает музыку,
Кто не может найти гармонию в себе.

Медленно умирает тот, кто уничтожает саму любовь,
Кто никогда не помогает,
И проживает свои дни с постоянными жалобами
О невезении или непрекращающемся дожде.

Умирает медленно тот, кто бросает свои планы,
Ещё не начав даже их,
Кто не задаёт вопросы об аргументах ему неизвестных,
И кто не отвечает, когда его спрашивают о том, что он знает.

Постараемся же избежать смерть маленькими дозами,
Помня всегда о том, что быть живым,
Требует большого долгого усилия
Простого действия дышать.
Только неугасимое терпение приведёт
К достижению блистательного счастья.

Пабло Неруда

Парусник в Эгейском

Манящая смесь морских волн, ветра и непередаваемых эмоций, которые дарит парусный спор- это нечто невероятное! Единение с природой, в одиночку, либо с друзьями, которое достигает своего пика в море-это чувство, которое ни с чем невозможно сравнить. В мире существует множество мест с ярким солнцем, свежим ветром и искрящимися волнами, но бросить якорь в заброшенной бухте в Эгейском море- вот совершенно особенный опыт! Гостеприимство местных жителей и обилие исторических памятников- все это сделает яхтинг в Турции и на Эгейском море приключением, которое вы никогда не забудете! Это местность с идеальным климатом, гостеприимными водами, невероятной красотой каждой отдельной бухты и береговой линии в целом, а также множеством уникальных открытий, которые вам предстоит совершить в пути. Вам, наверняка, будете скучать по этому райскому Бирюзовому побережью