First of all, you cannot bring bulky luggage onto the yacht; space is very limited. Therefore you should use soft/foldable bags (i.e. sports bag). Life on the yacht is simple and practical; it does not require the things you regularly bring on vacations. Brought items should be practical, sporty and necessary. The list below should help you in that regard.

Electronics have a massive impact on our normal life and some people can't live without them... Although we recommend leaving them at home, you can still bring the essentials, especially the ones that don't take up too much space (mobile phone, tablet, etc.). There is 12V power on the yacht at all times, so you can use a car charger. We only have 220V when we are connected to shore power i.e. in a marina. y.

A waterproof bag is recommended to store valuable items such as your passport, credit cards, cash and insurance documents. Seasickness is a condition even seasoned sailors can experience, so it is best to be prepared. If you feel like there is a risk of being affected, bring high quality medication, such as seasickness pills or patches. Your sailing voyage will be a lot more enjoyable!

Materials needed for summer programs

  1. 2 Hats (usually 1 of them falls into the sea)
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Casual pants and shorts
  4. Short-sleeved t-shirts
  5. Long-sleeved t-shirt (for sun protection)
  6. Clean shoes with white rubber bottom (sport shoes)
  7. Light Sweater
  8. Windbreaker (not too thick)
  9. Underwear and socks
  10. Swimsuit and towel
  11. Shampoo
  12. Sun cream and lip moisturizer. (15-30 proof)
  13. Spare shorts, socks and underwear
  14. Special medicine
  15. Sleeping bag or blanket (pillows, sheets and pillowcases are in your cabin.)
  16. Sailing gloves.
  17. Sandals or flip-flops(for marinas)
  18. Safety strap for Sun glasses
  19. Hygienic kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit ...)
  20. CDs, books, magazines
  21. Food: Participants will do the shopping together. We recommend you to bring only very special or vital food items.

Materials required for winter programs

  1. Hats, Wool Hats
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Comfortable pants
  4. Clean shoes with white rubber bottom (sport shoes)
  5. For rainy weather, waterproof boots or shoes
  6. Wool sweater
  7. Water-resistant thick coat.
  8. Water-tight jumpsuit pants (not required, if applicable)
  9. Spare pants, sweaters, socks and underwear
  10. Sailing Gloves
  11. Lip cream
  12. Special medicine
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Sailing in Aegean

The alluring mixture of waves, wind and inner peace created by sailing is something very special. The feeling of being one with nature, whether alone or with friends, reaches a peak on the sea which nothing can compare to.
There are many places with plenty of sun, fresh winds, and sparkling waters, but what happens after the anchor is dropped in a desolated bay along the Aegean coast is magical. The warmness of locals and the spectacular historical sites...
all this makes sailing around Turkey and the Aegean sea an experience never to be forgotten. The area has an ideal climate, inviting waters and the unique beauty of each bay, the coast line and the many unique treasures you'll find along the way, makes this paradise cruise a journey not to be missed: the Turquoise coast.