Rodos, Lindos, Karpathos, Kasos, Sitia, Agios Nikolaos, Spinalonga, Halki :

Sun, white beaches untouched by civilization, life and traditions of the ethnic group of tiny villages, well preserved ruins of ancient cities .... what else can be better than an adventure and fun ?! We invite you to join our sailing trip to the Greek island of Crete and enjoy the relaxed and leisurely culture of the Aegean Sea , to visit the best of our selected local tavernas - try the delicious taste of the Greek islands.
Our school is located in the southern Aegean Sea, you can start to enjoy the exquisite and the unique taste of Greece, right away! We offer a two-week tour in Crete . If you are not a resident or citizen of the European Union to participate in swimming you need a valid Schengen visa. Drop anchor in a secluded cove and enjoy a relaxing holiday on a yacht, a certified IYT system to create their unique and unrepeatable experience in the process learning the art of navigation and sail control. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate skipper IYT, which will allow you to take the Yacht charter all over the world. You can also learn about other licensing options IYT, which we offer in the section License ..

Two weeks of sail training, trip to 7 Greek Islands - 1200 Euros. Bareboat Skipper License is an additional 200 Euros.
The entry and exit procedures for Turkey and Greece are an additional 100 Euros per person.

You can call Tansel +90(541) 4561366 or Ivan +90(507)4214469, Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  make a self-reservation from our web  reservation 
We require a 25% deposit in order to confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation form after your payment.

Our yachts are based in Cairos Marina. The nearest airport is Bodrum (36 km + 18nm ferry). Dalaman airport is 160km away and there is a regular shuttle service and private transfers. Izmir Adnan-Menderes airport is 284km away and Antalya airport is 281km away. There are buses and taxis. A transfer service from these airports is also available.


Day 1 Marmaris
Our yachts are based in Beledediye Marina (located on the promenade). Arrive to the yacht and spend the night aboard in the Marina. You can also use the opportunity to do some shopping in the marina and stock up for your sailing trip.
Day 2 Marmaris - Rhodes
Our yachts moored in the marina of Mandraki in Rhodes, a 15-minute transfer from the International Airport and a 15-minute walk from the ferry terminal. Arriving by boat and overnight on board in the marina. You can visit in the immediate vicinity of the ancient fortress, which merged many cultures brought here by numerous conquerors, as well as the shops and make the necessary purchases. Rhodes - a large, colorful Greek island, leaving their history for thousands of years in the past ... You must visit the world famous temple of Rhodes. Get lost and wander through the narrow streets, literally comprised of the unique historical monuments, churches, fountains and museums. And what if you close your eyes and mentally push themselves for 400 years in the past ...?! However, a large part of Rhodes is like a normal European city - hotels, casinos and clubs full of noisy visitors, located procession along the coastline. Nightlife Islands - bright and saturated, so there definitely can really revel. Rhodes is unique for its natural beauty, you can rent a car or scooter to explore its own attractions, see the sand dunes and look at the ancient fortress, fortified by walls rocky cliffs and endless white beaches ...;
Day 3 Rhodes - Lindos
On our first voyage we will come closer to the dinner to go to the bay of Lindos. After arriving in the cozy harbor, you can walk to the ogromnoi kresposti, stoyashy over the bay and admire the houses in traditional Greek style, some of which are still living descendants of their builders. Visit a few local shops, in order to absorb the very special spirit and flavor of the place, in which you can get a really unique little things, as well as take a closer look with the people living on the island..
Day 4 Lindos - Karpathos
Early departures that will be common in this voyage. Karpathos - big, but not enough zasёlenny island; away from it all, he remained unspoiled, well illustrated by the dialect, clothes and signs. Karpathos is replete with wild beaches and lots of paths leading to the hidden corners of the island.
Day 5 Karpathos - Kasos Island
This small island is covered with rocky hills, and from afar looks like a miniaturny Rhodes. Despite the dreary first impressions going, the island is famous for its fish, cheeses and hospitality of residents.
Day 6 Kasos - Sitia
again early exit, now on the island of Crete, the most striking of all, which we will visit, as well as the largest island in Greece. The island attracts identity of local mountain villages, excellent infrastructure, green scenery, an abundance of clean groundwater sources, as well as world-class beaches of all sizes and colors. Rich in its history, numerous ruins of ancient times, along with modern, densely populated cities. Crete an important part of the Greek economy and culture. Our first stop in Crete Sitia nazyvaetsya, pribrezhnyi beautiful town.
Day 7 Sitia - Agios Nikolaos
The next stop in the town of Agios Nikolaos. Tourist town, which is located in Crete and very pleasant; we are going to stand for two days. You can rent mashynu / moped to explore how to follow the beautiful island of Crete and the ego a secret.
Day 8 Agios Nikolaos - Spinalonga
Go north to the island of Spinalonga. There we anchor stand and disembark to see a fortress, to control the entrance to the Gulf of Elounda.;
Day 9 Sitia - Kasos
Exit and re-Sitia. There you can again enjoy the natural vision the city and beaches.
Day 10 Kasos - Karpathos
On the way back to the island of Karpathos again. Nochuёm in a well-protected harbor..
Day 11 Karpathos - Halki
next island called Halki. Here you can immerse yourself in the unique harmony of nature and history. The island is located away from the tourist routes and almost touched the heel of global commercialization. A small population of the island is very friendly and welcoming. Take a walk through a local village and a taste of real Greece.
Day 12 Halki - Rhodes
early exit and return to Rhodes.
Day 13 Rhodes - Marmaris
early exit and return to Marmaris.
TOTAL 390nm

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  • You will stay on board the yacht for 14 nights in a typical two week program
  • Our sailing yachts have 4 cabins plus an additional skippers’ cabin..
  • We take a maximum of 6 people on one yacht 
  • We provide bed sheets, pillow covers and a towel for each person
  • The crew of each sailing yacht will make a collective shopping and share costs equally. We can provide a suggested shopping list. People can decide on whether to cook on board or enjoy local delicacies in seaside restaurants. The Skipper/Instructor is fed at the crews’ expense.
  • We stop in a different bay or island for each night. Our routes are published yearly and they will be either along the Turkish coast or Greek Islands depending on the particular week(s). You can browse through our routes here:( Program   )
  • In the morning, an optional tour/trek will be organized by the Skipper at 8:00 AM to visit a historical site or just enjoy nature. Theory is taught after breakfast (10:00-12:00)
  • In our region, the wind usually picks up at around 12:00 PM, so we depart for our next location at around noon.
  • After arrival to our destination (16:00-18:00), people will have free time until dinner. You may choose to swim, rest, study or go for a nature walk.
  • Dinner is held at 19:30 and continues for a few hours as we enjoy the local cuisine and indulge in conversation. After dinner you may participate in playing games (cards, chess, etc.), listening to music or just enjoying nature…
  • Saturday is check-in and meeting day. Our sailing yachts are located in Netsel Marina (on C Pontoon) .You can check in anytime after 16:00 and settle on board.
  • Our first briefing is held at approximately 17:00 and then we stock up on provisions. We have our first dinner together in the marina and afterwards people can explore the colorful Marmarisian night life!
  • Sunday is our first day of sailing. We finish last minute shopping and start our voyage around noon.
  • Our sailing tour ends Friday (1 or 2 weeks later); after 16:00. You may leave the yacht or stay one more night to enjoy Marmaris. All Yachts have to be empty by 10:00 on Saturday morning to allow for cleaning and preparation for the next group.



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