8 Greek Islands Tour Plan

8 Greek Islands Tour Plan

Rhodes, Symi, Kos, Kalymnos, Tilos, Nysiros, Khalki :

Sunbathe on pristine white beaches, stroll through unspoilt villages, explore perfectly preserved historic ruins...what are you waiting for? Come join us on one of our Greek Island Tours and immerse yourself in the relaxing Aegean culture, visit countless tavernas and taste the secret flavor of the Greek Islands!
Since our sailing school is based in the South Aegean, it only takes a few short hours of sailing and you can start enjoying the delights of the Greek Islands right away. We offer two week tours with which you can cover seven Greek Islands. The only major requirement is that non-European citizens need a Schengen Visa.
Anchor in secluded coves and relax aboard our IYT-certified training yachts, all the while learning the art of sailing and forging an unforgettable vacation experrience. Once you successfully complete the training course, you will be awarded with an IYT certificate that will allow you to charter a yacht anywhere in the world. You can view the various IYT certificates we offer on our IYT License page.

Day 1 Datça - Cairos Marina
Our yachts are based in Cairos Marina . Arrive to the yacht and spend the night aboard in the Marina. You can also use the opportunity to do some shopping in the marina and stock up for your sailing trip. 
Day 2 Cairos - Turgutreis - Kos
Sunday: After breakfast, we conduct a group shopping. Than We leave for TurgutReis for customs procedures. As soon as our documents are ready for exit, we depart from Turgutreis. Our first stop is the lovely Island of Kos. Kos is the most fertile island of the group and the second most touristy and popular island after cosmopolitan Rhodes. Kos is an attractive island with appealing mountainous villages, an excellent infrastructure, verdant landscape, abundant ground water and superb beaches of various sizes and colors. Rich in history, with abundant ancient ruins, as well as modern, lively towns, Kos is most enjoyable. Usually dinner continues well into the evening, the night being filled with laughter and memorable conversations. Water, electricity, wi-fi, hot showers and toliets are provided by the restuarant.
Day 3 Kos – Kalymnos (Vathy bay)
Next stop is the picturesque island of Kalymnos. Countless bays and coves cut into the island from all sides, making it a unique spot to anchor, surrounded by high cliffs. A popular place for sponge diving, residents still collect sponges daily.Vathi is a small village beweek narrow and deep inlet of sea and a valley. It is just picturesque 
Day 4 Kalymnos - Leros
Next upwind stop is Leros. Leros Island is another place ideal for those who crave for most absolute tranquility on a beautiful island. Having a coastline 71 km long as well as a mountainous topography, it offers a number of gulfs and beaches, some of them with some vegetation. In general terms, the villages of Leros are the typical Aegean villages in this specific area, and are scattered all around the volcanic area. The sea scalped the coastline of Leros with lavish artistry giving it lacy shores, sandy beaches, protected harbors and multitude of little islands all-around it.
Day 5 Leros – Kalymnos (Emborios)
Next stop is the another bay Kalymnos. Emporios is idyllic, peaceful, charming with the best restaurants on the island. If you want to chill, swim, eat fantastic food and experience the real Greecee 
Day 6,7 Kalymnos – Nysiros
Start another day of your sailing adventure with a long trip towards the island of Nysiros; Nysiros is a volcanic Greek Island; roughly circular in shape, it boasts unique black sand beaches and an active volcano! According to Greek mythology, the island was formed when Poseidon cut off a part of Kos and threw it onto the giant Polybotes to stop him from escaping. The island used to be self-sufficient, and many crops were grown on its terraced slopes. Today, though, they are cultivated on a smaller scale. Renting a vehicle to visit the islands’ volcano is definitely recommended, the 3 km wide caldera is easily accessible and the views are spectacular! There are old and new Greek villages, monastiries, towers to see. And if you are tired, There is a volcanic black sand beach to swim nearby.
Day 8 Nysiros- Tilos
After 2 days rest, the new destination is the island of Tilos; here we moor at the charming seaside village of Lividia. On the hill, the abandonded roofless houses of Micro Horio are visible. Here, nestled between the ruins of this ancient village, lies the infamous Micro Bar: a classic rock bar/club with a very unique setting, definetly a place to witness! Wander through the bustling village, filled with quaint single-story buildings or bathe in the azure waters surrounding this unspoilt paradise. Dinner is usually served at our favorite restuarant: friendly staff and the best roast goatmeat you have ever tasted!
Day 9 Tilos – Khalki
Next stop is the island of Khalki, here you can be close to both nature and history; this island is far off the tourist track and largely untouched by commercialism. The miniscule population is friendly and accepting, stroll through the village to get a taste of an authentic Greek village. An expansive white sandy beach is close by, a perfect place to take a relaxing dip in the sea on a hot summer afternoon.
Day 10 Khalki - Rhodes
The island still boasts unspoiled villages, which have kept their original colors despite the high level of tourism, nesting in the foothills of the island's rolling mountains. Settlements such as Kameiros, Ialyssos and Lindos, with their fine architecture and rich history, properly assert Rhodes classical past. Another quality of Rhodes is its rich and varied landscape: arid and rocky around the coastline, creating impressive rocky formations, while verdant forests blossom in its interior where the unique dama-dama deer lives. But the biggest asset of Rhodes is its capital (the City of Rhodes). It is a splendid medieval city, the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe, and its fortifications are considered as the finest example of medieval architecture.
Day 11,12 Rhodes - Symi Island
We start our 3rd leg at around noon, sailing towards the romantic island of Symi. Upon arrival to the cozy village of Symi, you are free to roam the narrow streets and explore the authentic Greek houses; many of which are still occupied by relatives of the original builders. Indulge yourself in a bit of shopping amongst the numerous local shops, where you can find truly unique items and aqquaint yourself with the local populace. Symi is the ideal destination for the romantic type, for those who are looking for something special, such as a tranquil atmosphere, postcard-like scenery and secluded coves. We dine in our favorite local taverna in the evening.
Day 13 Symi Island – Knidos
Departure is early for this leg, since we will have a lengthy upwind haul. Knidos, which dates back to 700 BC, was nominated as one of the wonders of world. You can wander through most of this huge ancient city. The accompanying bay is also a lovely place to swim and views from the nearby lighthouse are fantastic! 
Day 14 Knidos – Datca Cairos Marina
Departure is early again for this leg. After a swimming break We go downwind for our marina. You can leave tonite or spend a night at Datca restorants. Saturday morning boats will be cleaned, So you need to leave before 9:00
TOTAL 315nm


  • You will stay on board the yacht for 14 nights in a typical two week program
  • Our sailing yachts have 4 cabins plus an additional skippers’ cabin..
  • We take a maximum of 6 people on one yacht 
  • We provide bed sheets, pillow covers and a towel for each person
  • The crew of each sailing yacht will make a collective shopping and share costs equally. We can provide a suggested shopping list. People can decide on whether to cook on board or enjoy local delicacies in seaside restaurants. The Skipper/Instructor is fed at the crews’ expense.
  • We stop in a different bay or island for each night. Our routes are published yearly and they will be either along the Turkish coast or Greek Islands depending on the particular week(s). You can browse through our routes here:( Program   )
  • In the morning, an optional tour/trek will be organized by the Skipper at 8:00 AM to visit a historical site or just enjoy nature. Theory is taught after breakfast (10:00-12:00)
  • In our region, the wind usually picks up at around 12:00 PM, so we depart for our next location at around noon.
  • After arrival to our destination (16:00-18:00), people will have free time until dinner. You may choose to swim, rest, study or go for a nature walk.
  • Dinner is held at 19:30 and continues for a few hours as we enjoy the local cuisine and indulge in conversation. After dinner you may participate in playing games (cards, chess, etc.), listening to music or just enjoying nature…
  • Saturday is check-in and meeting day. Our sailing yachts are located in Cairos Marina (on C Pontoon) .You can check in anytime after 16:00 and settle on board.
  • Our first briefing is held at approximately 17:00 and then we stock up on provisions. We have our first dinner together in the marina and afterwards people can explore the colorful Marmarisian night life!
  • Sunday is our first day of sailing. We finish last minute shopping and start our voyage around noon.
  • Our sailing tour ends Friday (1 or 2 weeks later); after 16:00. You may leave the yacht or stay one more night to enjoy Marmaris. All Yachts have to be empty by 10:00 on Saturday morning to allow for cleaning and preparation for the next group.
  • Two weeks of sail training, trip to 8 Greek Islands starts from 1800 Euros. Bareboat Skipper License is an additional 200 Euros.
  • If there is less than 3 people, Participants needs to share the cost of entry/exit procedures.
  • You can call Tansel +90(541) 4561366 or Wesley +90(539)3085771, Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  make a self-reservation from our web  reservation 
  • We require a 25% deposit in order to confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation form after your payment.



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