Sunbathe on pristine white beaches, stroll through unspoilt villages, explore perfectly preserved historic ruins...what are you waiting for? Come join us on one of our Greek Island Tours and immerse yourself in the relaxing Aegean culture, visit countless tavernas and taste the secret flavor of the Greek Islands!
Since our sailing school is based in the South Aegean, it only takes a few short hours of sailing and you can start enjoying the joys of the Greek Islands right away. We offer both one and two week tours; a one week tour visits three Greek Islands, and if you opt for a two week tour, you can cover seven Greek Islands. The only major requirement is that non-European citizens need a Schengen Visa.

Anchor and relax aboard our IYT-certified training yachts in secluded coves, all the while learning the art of sailing and forging an unforgettable vacation experrience. Once you successfully complete the training course, you will be awarded with an IYT certificate that will allow you to charter a yacht anywhere in the world. You can view the various IYT certificates we offer on our IYT License page.

12 year 6 students icc professional modern managers
12 years old school 6 people maximum at our boats Our licenses are Internationally recognized All our instructors are IYT certified Modern, comfortable and luxorious boats Experienced and professional team
12 years old school 6 people maximum at our boats Our licenses are Internationally recognized All our instructors are IYT certified Modern, comfortable and luxorious boats Experienced and professional team



Saturday: Arrival to the boat on Saturday afternoon. Our agent will take yacht documents and passports for processing. After our first briefing, we dine in a local restuarant. On Sunday morning, We goto shopping for grocery all togather after breakfast. When documents are read, We go and moor to customs pier for exit procedures from Turkey. After we got our passports stamped, We set sail for Rhodes as our first stop.


KOS :  Sunday: After breakfast, we conduct a group shopping. As soon as our documents are ready for exit, we depart. Our first stop is the lovely island of Kos. Kos is the most fertile island of the group and the second most touristy and popular island after cosmopolitan Rhodes. Kos is an attractive island with appealing mountainous villages, an excellent infrastructure, verdant landscape, abundant ground water and superb beaches of various sizes and colors. Rich in history, with abundant ancient ruins, as well as modern, lively towns, Kos is most enjoyable.


NYSIROS: Wednesday: Next stop is the island of Nysiros, here you can be close to both nature and history. This small island boasts an active volcano and plenty of historical ruins to visit. The miniscule population is friendly and accepting, stroll through the village to get a taste of an authentic Greek village. A expansive volcanic black sandy beach is close by, a perfect place to take a relaxing dip in the sea on a hot summer afternoon.


TILOS: Tuesday: Our third destination is the island of Tilos; here we moor at the charming seaside village of Lividia. On the hill, the abandonded roofless houses of Micro Horio are visible. Here, nestled between the ruins of this ancient village, lies the infamous Micro Bar: a classic rock bar/club with a very unique setting, definetly a place to witness! Wander through the bustling village, filled with quaint single-story buildings or bathe in the azure waters surrounding this unspoilt paradise. Dinner is usually served at our favorite restuarant: friendly staff and the best roast goatmeat you have ever tasted!


SYMI: Monday: We start our 2nd leg at around noon, sailing towards the romantic island of Symi. Upon arrival to the cozy village of Symi, you are free to roam the narrow streets and explore the authentic Greek houses; many of which are still occupied by relatives of the original builders. Indulge yourself in a bit of shopping amongst the numerous local shops, where you can find truly unique items and aqquaint yourself with the local populace.


KNIDOS: Thursday: Already on our return, the last stop is the ancient city Knidos. Although Knidos was originally founded as a Spartan colony on the site of the present town of Datca in the 7th century B.C., its inhabitants relocated it at a later date to its present site at the tip of the Resadiye promontory. It was nominated as one of the wonders of world. You can wander through most of this huge ruined city. The accompanying bay is also a lovely place to swim and views from the nearby lighthouse are fantastic! It is one of our favorite anchor spots. It was an ancient Greek city of Caria, part of the Dorian Hexapolis. It was situated on the Datça peninsula, which forms the southern side of the Sinus Ceramicus, now known as Gulf of Gökova.


Datca: Friday: This marks the end of our voyage, as we depart in the morning and sail back to Datça. Usually the trip is a speedy one, since the winds are in our favour. After a short swimming break in Marmaris bay, we moor at the custom pier and complete entrance procedures. Our agent handles all paperwork, and after a short period of time we can moor at our berth in the marina. You can leave the yacht on Friday evening or stay another night to enjoy Datça. Saturday morning is cleaning time, so everybody must vacate the yacht before 10 AM.



One week of sail training - 600 Euros. IYT License is an additional 100 Euros
Two weeks of sail training - 1200 Euros. Bareboat Skipper License is an additional 200 Euros.
The costs of entry and exit procedures in Turkey and Greece are shared by participants.

Please check out our complete price list 

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You can call Tansel +90(541) 4561366 or Ivan +90(507)4214469, You can email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  make self reservation from our web  reservation 
We require %25 deposit in order to confirm your reservation. You will receive an confirmation form after your payment.

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Included in the price:

Sailboat Charter

Accomodation in boat

Fuel and port fees

Sail training

Holiday and activities

Water, electric, transitlog
Included in the price:
Sailboat Charter Accomodation in boat yakıt eğitim eğlence fiyat

Sailboat Charter

Accomodation at boat

Fuel and port fees

Sail training

Holiday and activities

Water, electric, transitlog




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