Karacasogut: waterfalls, caves and ancient settlements. Indispensable Karacasogut harbor is one of the popular destinations for cruise vessels. When you go to Karaca Cave, You can see Sogut Waterfall on the way which water drops from 25mt. It has a natural pool under it. Do not be surprised when you see the waterfall with the water withdrawn during the summer months.
There are 2 sections of Karaca Cave called Somalıkaya Sinkhole. Suçıktı Cave is one of the main entrance points. But you can scroll through the galleries of the cave with a rubber boat. The cave is 421 meters and with a depth of 15.5 meters and it houses 2 lakes. You can only see 342 meters of the cave. Amateur travelers enter the cave with guides and you should follow the guide very closely. One-km section of the Suçıktı cave can only be discovered and they continue the work to open up tourism.
There are the ruins of the Euthena ancient city near the Karacasogut. As you get closer to the hill, you can see the necropolis of the city, city walls above, tombs, and cisterns. There are remains of an ancient temple on the hill. The Ruins of the ancient city Amnistos is on a headland near the village. There are the walls of the city and the sea walls of the port.