Nysiros is a volcanic Greek Island; roughly circular in shape, it boasts unique black sand beaches and an active volcano! According to Greek mythology, the island was formed when Poseidon cut off a part of Kos and threw it onto the giant Polybotes to stop him from escaping. The island used to be self-sufficient, and many crops were grown on its terraced slopes. Today, though, they are cultivated on a smaller scale. Many Orthodox Christian churches are found on the island, as well as four monasteries (which are not inhabited, although various celebrations take place in them). The largest monastery is the one of Panagia Spiliani (Blessed Virgin Mary of the cave) at Mandraki. It is built beside the medieval castle erected by the Knights Hospitaller who conquered the island in 1315. Mandraki, the main village, is also worth a visit, with its white-washed, blue-trimmed houses and alluring narrow streets. Observe a romantic sunset in a seaside café as you sip a glass of soumada, the traditional almond-flavored drink, and afterwards dine on freshly caught seafood. The yacht harbor, Pali, is a cozy place with local tavernas and car/scooter rentals situated within a few feet of your yacht. Renting a vehicle to visit the islands’ volcano is definitely recommended, the 3 km wide caldera is easily accessible and the views are spectacular!