Sadun Boro who is the master sailor and has a cult status for the Turkish sailors says Gökova is the paradise of the world, and the best bay and pearl of Gokova is Okluk bay. He spends all winter from November until April in Okluk with his legendary boat Kısmet. Okluk is between Karacasogut and Ayın bays. The big cove is actually called Degirmendere. When enter inside the Degirmendere cove, you will see another cove called British harbor. In that cove British ships were staying in World War 1. They used to bomb German ships at nights and they run back here at first day lights.
The name is given to this bay because of British ships took a refuge here. There is a Presidential Residence and its peer at the end of the bay to the south. On north side you can see the statue of mermaid in the water erected by Sadun Boro. After you pass the statue on your left to the back, there is the Okluk Bay.
There is a forest with different kinds of trees all around the cove, a calm sea just like the echoes of the water in the glass, smells of different herbs in the forest and local and foreign boats on anchor which creates visual excitement. There are two piers and two restaurants. If you go ashore in this heaven you will see a board written by Sadun Boro for in 1986 to protect the places in this heaven.
Forest paths attract people especially in April and October which brings rain accompanied by the smell of wet grounds. When you look down the hills, you will feel that how much Sadun Boro was right. The image etched into memories. The most famous dish in these 2 restaurants is orfoz cauresel. A boat ride of Degirmendere before breakfast in the morning is breathtaking. Whatever kind of wind blows outside, inside of the bay is like a lake. One or two days will never be enough. Okluk is a place for a long time to stay.