Sedir Adası

Cedar Island (formerly Sideyri) Kerme Gulf (Gulf of Gokova) worth seeing in the beautiful, ancient ruins of a triple is the largest island group. Cedra Kedrai name in ancient times, or is located on the island remains from this period.
Mark Anthonius their great love and Cleopatra, golden sandy beaches in the Roman Age, from the ruins and the ancient theater where the horseshoe-shaped Cedar Island, one of the main stops of blue voyage. The ancient city of Cedar Island in the Gulf and the famous Cleopatra Beach is known for the ancient Kedrai. Carian Kedrai was a city, and then connected to Rhodes. Kedrai "couch" (cedar tree) means. Kedrai opposite Rhodes is one of the most important settlements, surrounded by walls. The walls of the tower and the central part of the city can be viewed on the waterfront of the Apollo Temple in Doric order, but its foundations. Agora, the remains of various buildings and the city necropolis, as well as the eastern part of the island there is a north facing theater in good condition.
There are myths and designations of Cleopatra in many parts of the Anatolian coast. The Queen and her lover Antony Roman commander known to come from the shores of Anatolia. But I did not come to come to this island is unknown. Attributed to the golden sands of the island have recited a legend. Antony and Cleopatra is said to brought to the island by ship from Egypt to meet them. In fact, these sands, limestone droplets consisting of special and the Aegean and the Mediterranean island of Crete is just outside of Cedar. When the fire is burning sands like tiny beads. However, the Cleopatra beach, golden sand and the sea with its visitors with different shades of blue, continue to attract.
Historical development of the BC 6 Kedrai can track century onwards, was one of the most important cities of Caria. According to some sources, the royal families of Caria had spent his summers on the island. In later centuries, the island of Rhodes Peria'sının (opposite side) see it as one of the important towns. BC 454 - BC 428 years later the Delian Kedrai Karya union Union has been involved. Previously to this union three thousand years the island, then paying dues to two thousand drachmas. Cedra the name of the first times, this island is called Marmaris'lilerin Cedar Island is well known. Cedrus'tur great lengths accessing the root of the word is a type of wood (cedar tree), and the island centuries ago and it's surroundings are wooded island of that name may be yakıştırılmış. But today, what the island, nor the cedar work around the left. Today the island living conditions for villagers, covered with olive and pine trees. Şehroğlan Treasure Island or Isle of official records is referred to as Şehroğlu. Put the name of this island Smiling Fisherman of Halicarnassus. Cleopatra's Island, Isle of Poetry, Love Island, Honeymoon Island, there is also the name of the yakıştıranlar. This is all due to the island's history and beauty.
Cleopatra's golden sands of the island's tourist attractions associated with the expression of a fairy tale, only exaggeration. The most widespread tale of Queen Cleopatra and her lover, the Roman commander Antony brought to Egypt by ships to the island in the form of meetings. Sands of the north coast of the island, consisting of special limestone droplets. Simply amazing sandy beach of the island covered with olive trees. Navy blue and turquoise called Oolotik extending its own unique sea of ​​sand, the island makes it really special. Among the people in a small bay on the northwest side of the island which is an interesting rumor floating Cleopatra beach.