Selimiye is also one of the natural ports which have been quietly serving the yacht tourism. Dominated by Selimiye, a large bay is like a lake view. Natural harbors in this region are fish spawning areas. Spring water flows from fountains and taps of the houses. In the Selimiye Stock Breeding, olive, almonds, farming, fishing and building wooden boats are common. Selimiye Village is one of the pearls of the Gulf of Hisaronu which is connected to the town of Mugla Marmaris. The name of the village in ancient era was Hydas, and later changed to Losta. Kızılköy (Red village) is another known name, since surroundings to the village have dyed red tones when sun disappeared at sunset behind the mountains. Hydas (Selimiye) is one of ancient cities such as Loryma, Kaisareia, Kastabos, Erin, Bybossos in Bozburun peninsula. It has ruins from archaic era. Selimiye have three castles ruins, one is on the highest hill of Selimiye, the other is at the top of Sarikaya, and the last one is at Asarkale Kızılköy districts. Remains of walls in the hills of southeast dating from the Hellenistic era are a popular place especially foreign tourist’s visit. A square-shaped tomb building near the southern part, observation tower built 100 meters off the shore in order to expose Selimiye to approaching boats and a lighthouse, monasteries and theater are other places for tourist trips. Among other things in the region which have survived to the present day are the works of American underwater archaeologist scientists engaged in research of the wrecks for three years. Materials and amphoras are exhibited in Bodrum underwater shipwreck museum. Selimiye is a great location for those who want to eat freshest seafood, vegetables, and fruit, to swim in clean sea, to find inner peace. There are almond and olive trees, mountains rising smell of thyme, oregano in Selimiye. Warm and friendly locals draw people. Historic areas, mountains of pine, olive, almond and willow trees. Clean sea, plenty of steak, air oxygen-rich, peaceful, calm, warm and welcoming. The bay is natural harbor in stormy weather, natural swimming pool in the form of volcanic structure. The sea depth of 15 meters from the beach reaches to 30 to 40 meters .Zoning permit in the village of Selimiye is nature conservation area, so that You can still walk along the whole beach, you can catch fish with your tackle from the seaside, You can row a surf board along the large bay in the west coast. If you are looking for a sparkling sandy beach you can go to an Sığliman (shallow harbor) two miles away.