Tilos is blessed with a rough and mountainous structure, home to over 400 species of flora and fauna! Located to the North West of Rhodes, between Nisyros and Khalki, this unspoilt island is not visited by many tourists. The whole island constitutes as a vast ecological park and is protected by international treaties. In ancient times, Tilos was famous for its herbs and became particularly prosperous during the classic period.
Livadia is the island’s port and the largest settlement, bearing hotels and shops. We make landfall at this picturesque little harbor; the village of Lividia itself is a peaceful sort of place with friendly locals and a captivating atmosphere. For those wanting to swim, you should head to Erystos, which boasts a sand beach almost 2km long! It’s also worth visiting Mikro Chorio [Small Village], which was deserted by its inhabitants in 1970. A classic rock bar/club has been built among the ruins, making for a very unusual and entertaining nightly visit. There are also remnants of a castle, deserted stone-made houses, paved streets and Byzantine churches. Megalo Chorio is the capital of the island and it is located a few miles from the port. It stands out due to the simple, island architecture used to construct the stone-made houses. You can enjoy a walk through the narrow alleyways. On the top of the hill, there is a medieval fortress, built on the location of the ancient Tilos.