DetaylarGökova Tour

The Gokova Tour can either be a one (starting from Bodrum) or two week tour (starting from Marmaris), depending on students’ preferences. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate sailors. The gulf of Gokova is indented with countless bays and coves, making it an admirable cruising ground. Each day we go out into the gulf and sail, spending each night in a different bay. Our typical stops are:




Çökertme is on the northern coast of the Gulf of Gokova and between Kepçe Cape and Karaburun Cape. The bay takes its the name from village in the harbor . Çökertme is quite sheltered against winds from the west to the north and east. Çökertme is one of the most preferred bays in Gokova by yachtsmen. Its coast is very long, the shores of the island are covered with pines and olive trees.
The name of Çökertme is not just famous because of local songs, It has also fascinating geographical features . The green pine forest and the vast indented coves of this bays huggs the Yachts approaching. Watch the sunset and coastal fishing and taste the sinarit, tangri freshly cooked in restaurants. Çökertme which is an natural harbor is not the first or last stop is of blue voyage sailor.



Börbüdet is another pristine cove with all kinds of structuring is prohibited in the Gulf of Gokova. There is only one camping and boutique hotel in Amazon, however, they are run by people sensitive to the environment and nature. The name of the area also comes from the sounds of birds since ancient times. Turkish pronunciation "Bird the bed". No deterioration has taken place in the natural structure of this bird choir. There are many paths you can walk along the bay, this natural music accompanies you.
There is a river flowing to sea which you can go with smaller boats. Amazon camping on this river have yachts assistance service. This quiet port at the same time serve as a shelter. River, sea and green forest vegetation meets in this bay. Lots of different species of birds lives and meet the ardent nature of this bay. Away from the noise of the crowd and the traffic, you can return to your own self, literally filled with an artist's inspiration. You could write your own stories, novels and poems, you would compose music inspired by birds' melodies . This bay is a natural wonder and will add you a lot, help you start the life all over again.
Börbüdet,is just like a small Amazon with varieties of birds, animals and plants. This is why many years ago the British gave the name of "Bird the bed". You can have a river canoe or boat ride to river for 500 meters. Rich nature of the region offers breathtaking views of plenty of materials for photographers.

Yedi Adalar

Four islands in front of the southern shores of Gokova covered with pine forests create a wide gulf of 2 miles wide between them and the shore. You can find many calm places to anchor between the bays of the shore and the islands. Martili in the west is a bare island; there are beautiful beaches to swim on south side and East Cape of the island. The other islands are Uzun, Zeytinli and Kucuk. They all have steep and rocky shores and no sandy beaches. Islands are mostly barren, but covered with pine trees in the cove areas. Çamaltı, Bekar (Gökağaç Inlet), Karağaç Limani, Uzun Liman, Babüş bükü, Küfre Bay and Göllü ada are the most important anchoring coves in the Yediadalar. Çamaltı has sands in the beach and the sea bottom and a coast covered with trees. Bekar Liman is a cove of 150 meters in diameter like a pool. As soon as Gullets enters, yachts rarely come. Küfre bay is the most popular in this region. All coves are linked to one another with dirt paths. There is only shabby restaurant in seven islands which is in Küfre. So Seven islands is out of civilization. Göllü Island is also good place to anchor and to swim. Halikarnas the Fisherman says "Island looks like hanging in the sky. This is the centre of Gokova and the world." Yedi Adalar is composed of dozens of small and big islands and many coves. This area is full of incense trees. You always breathe in the smell of incense . Göllü Island, the northernmost island, is a great place for diving. The underwater fauna is very rich. This area also have legendary story of the eels. Journey of eels which starts from here to Bahamas takes 3 years. They lay there and die. After hatching, the little ones finds Gokova in the huge seas they do not know and return to Yedi Adalar. Offspring of Norwegian parents returns to fiyords Norway, Offsprings of the eels of Gökova returns to this islands. The best time to visit is September and especially October. The famous Kiran winds of Gokova does not affect here.


Maps call this bay as Gökçeler. The story of why they say Balıkaşıran is as follows: This place where Gulf of Hisaronu and Gokova is the closest to each other. Bencik and Balıkaşıran bays are back to back to each other. So they say flying fish in Gökova jumps to Hisarönü. So here it was known as Balıkaşıran (Fish passer). This point where the Aegean Sea gets closer with the Mediterranean just like to touch each other. This place is accepted as the beginning point of Datca peninsula. The right side is the Mediterranean Sea and the left side of the Aegean. Aegean fish jumps to Mediterranean fish jumps to Aegean Sea.
According to the historian Herodotus; in 540 BC during the invasion of Persia, Knidos started to dig precisely this point of the peninsula in order to separate the mainland and wanted to turn their region in to an island in order to solidify their defense. One of the oracles they have consulted rejected this project. He had said ‘if the gods wanted your country to be an island, it would have created it as an island, do not change what’s created. So Knidos accepted the defeat by Persians without a war.



Sadun Boro who is the master sailor and has a cult status for the Turkish sailors says Gökova is the paradise of the world, and the best bay and pearl of Gokova is Okluk bay. He spends all winter from November until April in Okluk with his legendary boat Kısmet. Okluk is between Karacasogut and Ayın bays. The big cove is actually called Degirmendere. When enter inside the Degirmendere cove, you will see another cove called British harbor. In that cove British ships were staying in World War 1. They used to bomb German ships at nights and they run back here at first day lights.
The name is given to this bay because of British ships took a refuge here. There is a Presidential Residence and its peer at the end of the bay to the south. On north side you can see the statue of mermaid in the water erected by Sadun Boro. After you pass the statue on your left to the back, there is the Okluk Bay.
There is a forest with different kinds of trees all around the cove, a calm sea just like the echoes of the water in the glass, smells of different herbs in the forest and local and foreign boats on anchor which creates visual excitement. There are two piers and two restaurants. If you go ashore in this heaven you will see a board written by Sadun Boro for in 1986 to protect the places in this heaven.
Forest paths attract people especially in April and October which brings rain accompanied by the smell of wet grounds. When you look down the hills, you will feel that how much Sadun Boro was right. The image etched into memories. The most famous dish in these 2 restaurants is orfoz cauresel. A boat ride of Degirmendere before breakfast in the morning is breathtaking. Whatever kind of wind blows outside, inside of the bay is like a lake. One or two days will never be enough. Okluk is a place for a long time to stay.


Why wait, Life doesn't!

Sailing in Aegean

The alluring mixture of waves, wind and inner peace created by sailing is something very special. The feeling of being one with nature, whether alone or with friends, reaches a peak on the sea which nothing can compare to.
There are many places with plenty of sun, fresh winds, and sparkling waters, but what happens after the anchor is dropped in a desolated bay along the Aegean coast is magical. The warmness of locals and the spectacular historical sites...
all this makes sailing around Turkey and the Aegean sea an experience never to be forgotten. The area has an ideal climate, inviting waters and the unique beauty of each bay, the coast line and the many unique treasures you'll find along the way, makes this paradise cruise a journey not to be missed: the Turquoise coast.