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Some people have an urge to push life to the limit, to feel speed, to feel the rushing surge of adrenaline. They want constant movement, action, a competitive feeling. Participating in a sailing race will give you all of that…and more! Racing requires real effort and provides you with invaluable knowledge, all the while sharpening your sailing skills. Squeeze everything possible from the yacht and crew, maximize your speed, minimize your mistakes, beat the ticking clock; all the while abiding by strict racing rules!
With major races in the region almost every month, all it takes is to find one that suits you. Favorites are the Marmaris International Race Week, Loryma Cup, Rodos Cup and Gocek Cup, so if you want to participate in one of these sizable and well-organized sailing events, it’s better to book early!
Discover new friends, compete in the spirit of sailing and live an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to come alone or bring your race team, we can arrange everything. You can join a race throughout the whole year; just check our schedule and pick a time that fits you!

Marmaris International Race Week (MIRW)

Every year, in the last week of October, there comes an event that defines sailing as a sport, as a way of life. An event that attracts over 1500 people and almost 200 yachts, an event that unites people from all over the globe; people that have one thing in common: a love of sailing.

Considered as one of the biggest racing events in the Mediterranean Sea, Marmaris International Race Week is a full seven days brimming with exciting sailing races, energetic and fun-filled evenings complete with live music, live local shows, crew competitions and the undying spirit of sailing!
Starting from Monday, there are five days of races; both inshore (inside the bay of Marmaris) and offshore. Each evening there is a dinner party organized by the Marmaris International Yacht Club, where crews of all participating vessels recount the day’s events, dine on local delicacies, discover race results, dance and generally have a good time. Inshore races are usually a triangle shaped course of approximately 10 nautical miles, offshore races are longer at about 35-40 miles. Marmaris boasts a very varied weather pattern due to its unique geography. Forecasts are notoriously unreliable for this area, so winds are always a surprise: either working in your favor or completely ruining your well-planned strategy… People compare racing to a game of chess but the more you race, the more you realize it’s all about luck. Racing isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about enjoying the sailing atmosphere, meeting like-minded people and forging a unique life experience.

Professional or amateur, Marmaris International Race Week caters to people of all sailing levels and provides a welcoming environment regardless of your sailing abilities. Join our close-knit race team and let us make your MIRW an extraordinary adventure!

Rodos Cup

Now in its 21st year, the Rodos Cup is an offshore race between the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea. Each year, the race takes in different islands and is a great opportunity for challenging racing in a unique environment. In 2016, the Rodos Cup started from island of Kos, stopping at Tilos, Nisiros, Symi and finishing on the island of Rhodes. The number of yachts participating ranges from 60 to 80. Taking an exciting five days to complete, each leg covers approximately 25 miles across the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, with an endless number of weather possibilities!

Turn your sailing holiday into a fun and challenging journey through the spectacular Dodecanese; experience the rich local traditions, gaze upon the ruggedly appealing landscape and bask in the warm hospitality of the local population. Join our race team for a lively and competitive sailing experience!

Winter Trophy Races

Two-day races that take place in Marmaris Bay and the surrounding waters. Organized every three weeks on the weekends, these local sailing events offer a fast-paced and competitive racing atmosphere. Approximately 35 yachts participate each race. The first day (Saturday) usually consists of two races, one inshore and one offshore; a race party is held afterwards, complete with beverages and refreshments! Sunday consists of one race (inshore or offshore), depending on the weather conditions. A prize-giving ceremony is held after the last race and the winners of each division are awarded with trophies.

The local yacht club is a friendly place, the staff/race committee wholeheartedly welcome newcomers to the race scene. Overall, the Winter Trophy races are a great way of experiencing the thrill of racing in a quick and inexpensive way!

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Pablo Neruda's Poetry

He who becomes the slave of habit,
who follows the same routes every day,
who never changes pace,
who does not risk and change the color of his clothes,
who does not speak and does not experience,
dies slowly.

He or she who shuns passion,
who prefers black on white,
dotting ones "it's" rather than a bundle of emotions, the kind that make your eyes glimmer,
that turn a yawn into a smile,
that make the heart pound in the face of mistakes and feelings,
dies slowly.

He or she who does not turn things topsy-turvy,
who is unhappy at work,
who does not risk certainty for uncertainty,
to thus follow a dream,
those who do not forego sound advice at least once in their lives,
die slowly.

He who does not travel, who does not read,
who does not listen to music,
who does not find grace in himself,
she who does not find grace in herself,
dies slowly.

He who slowly destroys his own self-esteem,
who does not allow himself to be helped,
who spends days on end complaining about his own bad luck, about the rain that never stops,
dies slowly.

Let's try and avoid death in small doses,
reminding oneself that being alive requires an effort far greater than the simple fact of breathing.

Only a burning patience will lead
to the attainment of a splendid happiness.