As part of this course, students learn the basic rules of radio communications, procedures in case of danger, rules of negotiations with other radios (marinas, yachts, ships), as well as basic English-language maritime terms. Please note that some charter companies will not give you a boat for self-sailing without this certificate!

Course content

  • Introduction to VHF radio;
  • Fundamentals of the theory of radio communications;
  • Line of sight;
  • Auxiliary equipment;
  • Terminology in the radio;
  • Radio Regulations and license for radiostation;
  • VHF radio equipment;
  • Radio communication procedures;
  • Reception and transmission during radio communication;
  • Phonetic alphabet (spelling);
  • Radio communication at distress, urgency and to ensure safety;
  • Automatic beacons and radar transponders;
  • Wearable VHF radio.