Hayitbuku is a small bay hidden by mountains and cliffs. You can sail past it and not even notice this miniature harbour. Due to its isolated location, it's not a popular tourist spot and is generally quite peaceful. Complete with sandy beaches, it offers an array of hiking routes that present wonderful views of the surrounding coast. The ancient Greeks believed Datça to have been created personally by Zeus, so gorgeous are its rocky outcrops and aquamarine waters. The geographer Strabo apparently said: “God sent his beloved creatures to Datça for them to live longer.” It’s about craggy, pine-crested hills, endless olive groves, empty ravines, cornflower-blue coves, vast sweeping bays and deserted beaches, air scented with thyme, rosemary and sage, and sleepy villages. It’s about goats on the road and old men tinkering with their worry beads in vine-covered cafes.