Leaving Belcegiz gulf, we must sail past the high and bold capes of Yedi Burunlar ("Seven Capes")-Kötü, Sancak, Inkahlik, Yassi, Kilic, and Zeytin, which have a nasty reputation for contrary winds and confused seas. Once past them you arrive at a beach, whose dunes with every passing day engulf a little bit more of the ancient city of Patara which waits the day when archaeologist’s shovels will free it of the sands. Rather than stay here however it is better to come overland from Kalkan, passing Letoon and Xanthos on the way. Before one reaches Kalkan there is another harbor called Yesilkoy in which yachts can take shelter. Kalkan is an important port of call on the Blue Voyage from which one may visit the surrounding ancient sites and also stock up on whatever provisions one may require.
Kalkan is a harbour village set in the heart of the old Lycian region. It is relatively cosmopolitan, with wonderful restaurants and great places to stay. The Taurus Mountains – home to the nearby rural escape of Islamlar – provide a stunning backdrop, whilst the views across the bay are remarkable. This beautiful and sophisticated bougainvillea-covered harbour town is set in a breathtaking landscape in the heart of the old Lycian region.
The ancient sites of Xanthos, Letoon, Pinara, Tlos and Patara are all close by, with Kekova, Demre, Myra, Phaselis, Olympos and Aspendos slightly further afield, but all easily accessible.
Strict conservation laws have ensured that the heart of the old village retains an authentic ambience that attracts (according to the Sunday Times) the sort of visitor who might also be enchanted by, say, Tuscany or the Dordogne. The result is a discerning mix of predominantly British guests together with Istanbul Turks attracted by Kalkan’s reputation within Turkey. Winding cobbled streets, colorful shops and excellent harbour-side or roof terrace restaurants and bars are combined with stunning views – whether you are looking up to the dramatic mountains behind the town, or down across the harbour to the broad sweep of the Mediterranean – a view of which we guarantee you will never tire! The many roof terraces are a highlight of the evenings, a time when Kalkan is at her significant best. You can dine by candlelight to the strains of jazz or classical music whilst admiring the stunning views across the tiled rooftops to the harbour and out to sea.
Kalkan has grown over the past few years, albeit with predominantly private villas being authorized outside the periphery of the old village. Kalkan’s many official ‘Green Areas’ are being carefully preserved and we are genuinely optimistic that Kalkan will retain its special charm and ambience for many years to come. With so much of interest in the surrounding regions and the village itself, Kalkan is a destination that encourages guests to return time and time again. Whether your interests are historical, cultural, and epicurean or you just wish to relax, Kalkan is sure to satisfy. Kalkan has managed to retain that most elusive of mixtures – an authentic ambience with the relative sophistication that makes it an unusual, picturesque and uniquely welcoming destination. British newspaper The Independent listed Kalkan among the best tourist destinations for 2007. The paper recommended Kalkan especially for those seeking a romantic vacation and who do not want to travel far from their home country in Europe, and defined the town as a destination of choice.
Patara Beach - the longest beach in the Mediterranean: With the new road Patara is now just a 30-minute journey by local dolmuş or 15 minutes by car or taxi, and is regularly featured as one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and undiscovered beaches. The only building on its entire 18 kilometers of sand is a small café. The only real signs of civilization are Lycian, with the crumbling ruins of the ancient port of Patara and Letoon scattered along the coastline.
Kaputaş Beach: The dramatic Kaputaş beach is a ten-minute dolmus or taxi ride from Kalkan. It is a beautiful sandy beach found at the foot of a ravine down many, many steps!