Khalki is one of the smallest islands in the Dodecanese. It is a mountainous, rocky island with excellent shores and numerous caves. Its stone houses are built amphitheatrically on mount Maistros (593 m), the island's highest peak. It has a population of about 350 inhabitants, which are mostly stock-breeders and fishermen. Halki produces various stock-breeding products and fresh fish catches are served in every taverna. In recent years, the island has been proclaimed an international meeting centre for young people. A municipal guest house has been built for this purpose. The locals approve of this movement and contribute the best they can to its preservation and further development.
The first thing to notice when the ferry enters the port of Nimporio, the capital of Halki, is the stone clock tower right in front of the Town Hall and the tall bell tower of the church of Saint Nicolas. The island distinguishes for its traditional architecture, the trekking paths and its crystal beaches, while the local people will warmly welcome you.
In the centre of the island, there is a lovely uninhabited village, Chorio, which used to be the old capital of the island. With a strong Medieval Castle above it and the houses built on the slopes of a rocky hill, the inhabitants would live there to protect from pirates. However, when piracy was confronted in the mid-19th century, the residents gradually abandoned Chorio and moved closer to the sea, where they established a new settlement, Nimporio. Halki has nice and calm beaches that are great for relaxation. Some beaches are organized; especially the beaches close to Nimporio, while others are totally secluded and can be reached only on foot.