Patmos is located on the eastern part of the Aegean Sea. The journey to the holy island from the island Samos is extremely short and there are daily routes by boats, flying dolphins and ships.
The port of Patmos is called Skala. On the top of the cliff is the beautiful Chora, the capital of the island with white houses and narrow roads overlooking the whole Aegean. In the middle of this landscape, dominates the enormous Byzantine monastery of St. John Theologos which was built in 1088. In the monastery's safe there are byzantine icons, jewelry and emperor's presents, while in the library there are 3000 books and rare manuscripts. On the route between Skala and Chora is the Cave of the Apocalypse. It's a 17th century monastery which was built around the cave in which St. John wrote the book of Revelations.
For many years, the island was a place of pilgrimage for the Catholic and the Orthodox. In the sixties, Patmos became for a while a favorite destination for hippies, who were trying to experience the spiritual vibes of the island. Today, this mountainous island and its small coves attract sun lovers who wish to dive in its crystalline waters. From the island's prior isolation and religiousness only the imposing Monastery of Saint John and the signs forbidding nude bathing and topless remain